Craigslist Find: Round Rug

I’m so happy to show off my latest Craigslist find: an eight-foot round butterfly rug for Charlie’s room. Grand total: 60 bucks!  I patiently scoured Craigslist for more than six months for a round girls’ rug.  I’m so happy this one came along!


I’m bummed that I don’t have any before pictures of this bathroom. The reason is I was cleaning the bathroom one day and decided then and there that the wallpaper had to come down, so I just started pulling at it,  and before long, I was standing in the room, pouting, with a pile of wallpaper all over the floor (and half-glued wallpaper still on the wall — who knew this wasn’t a bare hands job?). I did grab a cell phone picture of the wallpaper border, which was all hummingbirds:

And the rest of the wallpaper was this white paper with tiny flowers. That’s your feel of the before.

And the after! I painted the room B. Moore Clinton Brown.   I found that mirror on clearance at Home Goods for 24 bucks!

The framed photo is a picture I took of Gloria checking out a ladybug at the park:

Here’s the other wall of the bathroom. I spray painted the existing light fixture a satin nickel color and am looking for new glass shades to put on it. I don’t love the tiles, but for now, they have to stay.

The curtains are made from an Amy Butler fabric and trimmed with awesome beads (which cost more than the fabric!). I got a sewing machine for my birthday and spent $300 on fabric for the house. 3 months later, I still haven’t figured out the stupid machine, so my amazingly talented friend Kara sewed up the curtain for me. Thank you, Kara!

What’s a pretty way to keep a bathroom smelling fresh and clean? A vase filled with soap!

And that’s our new bathroom! Amazing what a coat of paint and a few accessories can do!

DIY: French Memo Boards

I made french memo boards to go above the kids’ art table in the play room:


The room is starting to pull together!

These were easy to make. I got plywood cut to size at Home Depot. Then I covered it with batting (I wish I used two layers) and then fabric, using a staple gun to attach it all to the wood. I stapled the ribbon in place, and then used decorative nail heads on the front each time the ribbon crossed.  They’ll be even prettier when the kids’ art projects and photos are slipped on!

We found this set of drawers in our basement.  A pipe leaked all over it, and it was in very rough shape. I’ve been looking for a lateral file for our office for a while, and man, they’re expensive! So here’s the transformation of the free, ugly office drawers.



Will the effort be worth it?


This took bleach, a steamer, Pledge, and a lot of elbow grease! Ok, so it’s still a little ugly, but it was free, is the perfect size, is solid wood, and isn’t THAT bad. The place mats cover up some scratches, but over all, it works. Speaking of place mats, they were made my my incredibly talented friend, Kara. She hemmed curtains for me and used the extra fabric to make them! Smart cookie. Check out her amazing blog: Sweet & Salty.  

My next project is to re-cover that lamp shade. This picture is also reminding me to replace the gold switch plate cover…

Play Room: Before and… During

I can’t call this a “Before and After” yet, because it’s definitely still a work in progress. I need more stuff on the walls, and I need to add curtains. For the wall above the kids’ art table, I have several white frames to hang. For curtains, I’m thinking roman shades. Can’t wait to finish this up! The kids love it.

Here is is before, as the previous owners’ formal dining room:

And since we’re not formal, we turned it into a play room! It’s right off the kitchen, so I can keep my eye on the girls while I cook, clean, etc. I love it!

That couch was a $20 Craigslist find! I got a new cover at Ikea. The rug is also a Craigslist bargain: it’s Pottery Barn Kids, and I got it for $60! The walls are Benjamin Moore Summer Shower. Pretty!

The dandelion is a wall decal is from Dali Decals. I love them!

We’ve been working hard on Charlie’s room. I had a garden theme in mind. The piece de resistance is the custom picket fence that Bryan and Clarence built. We bought sections of birdhouse fencing from our local Mill Store, and Bryan and Clarence spent several hours making a custom fit.  It’s gorgeous! Add a few wall decals and some garden art, and we have a garden growing…

Here’s the before, with the previous owners’ furnishings:


And here’s the after. The walls are B. Moore Potpourri Green. I’m looking for a big, round rug for the middle (I found it!). See the letters above her crib? They were made by the extremely talented Katrina Pitt.


Pretty butterflies hang above a rocking chair in the corner:


The picket fence:


These wall cards are from the Land of Nod. Each letter has a different type of flower. They’re 8×10 heavy card stock and are absolutely gorgeous! Rather than hang the whole alphabet, I wanted to spell out her name. I added the ribbon (my sister-in-law tied the bows) and now we have pretty (and educational!) wall art. I highly recommend them. At Land of Nod they’re $30, but I got them for $20 on Amazon!


And finally, Cai’s bear has a special spot on Charlie’s dresser:


DIY: Headboard

I got this headboard on Craigslist for $15! I painted it green and stenciled some designs in purple.