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We have a tiny room upstairs that we call the nook. Originally it was designed as a sewing room, and the previous owners used it as a nursery. For almost a year, we’ve been using it as a small play room for the girls, but today I decided to take it over.

This was a one-day, $100 make over (but I was about $30 over budget). Still, let’s call it a $100 makeover to keep my husband happy.

Before, the girls’ nook:

As you can tell, we didn’t put much time, thought, or energy into making it look very nice. We just tossed some toys in there.

After! A relaxing, quiet room all to myself! A cozy chair, an iPod dock, books, candles…. Who wouldn’t want to hang out in here?! I plan to add art on the walls, a new curtain, and a new light fixture. I might try to convince my husband to take down the wall paper and paint the room (red?), but for now I’m not pushing my luck.

The chair was a Craigslist find ($25! But I splurged on a new cushion), and the table was $20 on clearance at TJ Maxx because it was dented (it wasn’t on clearance, but when I saw the dent, I asked if it could be. They said yes!). Everything else I already had in my house. To the right of the table are large built-ins for plenty of storage.

Hey, wait! This is MY room!


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Craigslist Find: Round Rug

I’m so happy to show off my latest Craigslist find: an eight-foot round butterfly rug for Charlie’s room. Grand total: 60 bucks!  I patiently scoured Craigslist for more than six months for a round girls’ rug.  I’m so happy this one came along!

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I can’t call this a “Before and After” yet, because it’s definitely still a work in progress. I need more stuff on the walls, and I need to add curtains. For the wall above the kids’ art table, I have several white frames to hang. For curtains, I’m thinking roman shades. Can’t wait to finish this up! The kids love it.

Here is is before, as the previous owners’ formal dining room:

And since we’re not formal, we turned it into a play room! It’s right off the kitchen, so I can keep my eye on the girls while I cook, clean, etc. I love it!

That couch was a $20 Craigslist find! I got a new cover at Ikea. The rug is also a Craigslist bargain: it’s Pottery Barn Kids, and I got it for $60! The walls are Benjamin Moore Summer Shower. Pretty!

The dandelion is a wall decal is from Dali Decals. I love them!

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DIY: Headboard

I got this headboard on Craigslist for $15! I painted it green and stenciled some designs in purple.





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I’m so excited about these Craigslist finds!

I got the dresser for $30 and the mirror, if you can believe this, for $20! They were from two different sellers, and I got them weeks apart. I love them together!

Dresser and mirror


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